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Correction of pierced earlobe

Fortunately we can reconstruct your earlobe. If you wish, in about six months you can pierce them again and wear earrings.


Make an appointment for a preliminary visit with Dr. Karim. In it we will discuss your wishes. When you make an appointment you can nearly always count on being received by Dr. Karim within 2 weeks.

The procedure can usually be performed within two weeks of the preliminary visit.

After the procedure, take a week to relax. Recovery from an operation is important, give yourself the time and rest you need to recover!

Follow-up and removal of stitches
Two weeks after the operation you will come back for us to see how you’re doing and to remove the stitches.

Final checkup
Three months after the operation, we’d like to see you again for a final checkup. We check if everything has recovered properly and if you are satisfied with the final result.

From six months after the procedure, you can make new holes and wear earrings.


You can drive yourself home after the operation, but we advise you to make travel arrangements.

Do you use blood-thinning drugs? Please let us know if you do. Ask the doctor from whom you get the prescription and find out if you can temporarily stop treatment. Your doctor will tell you how many days before the operation you should or can stop taking the blood-thinning drug. Dr. Karim wants to ensure this is possible in order to avoid unnecessary risks.

Fever or flu the day before the operation? Contact Dr. Karim to decide if the operation can be performed or should be postponed.

Cosmetics and personal care products
We understand that you always want to look your best, but on the day of surgery you cannot use skin care products or makeup.

You may feel nervous about the operation, but you can’t drink alcohol the day before (or on the day itself, of course!)! Drinking alcohol increases the chances of subsequent bleeding of the wound.

Tijdens de ingreep

Local anaesthetic

Signing of the consent form

Replacement of torn area with healthy tissue


Na de ingreep

Your earlobes are covered with skin-coloured patches. You have to keep them on for a week.

You can wet your ears again 24 hours after the operation.

Your earlobes (and surrounding area) will feel sore for the first few days. This can last up to two weeks.

If you wish, you can take two 500 mg paracetamol tablets four times a day.

The stitches are reabsorbed after seven days.

Physical activity
Rest for a week and avoid overexertion, such as bending over or lifting heavy objects.


Safe operation
An earlobe correction is a safe and relatively minor procedure.

Risks inherent to any operation
Bleeding, infection, unsightly scarring.

Opening of the wound
The wound may open when the patches or stitches are removed prematurely. Keep the patches and stitches in place until the check-up appointment. Lubricate the scar with cream.


An earlobe correction is a treatment with a long-lasting result.

The scar is completely healed after six months. Subsequently, new holes can be made for earrings.

As with any double-sided surgery, perfect symmetry cannot be guaranteed. Fortunately, in nature nothing is perfectly symmetrical.

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