A new figure, or simply turning part of your body into something completely smooth and beautiful! This is possible with liposuction.

Liposuction allows fat to be removed from some carefully selected areas of the body. This makes the shape of your body (or figure) more beautiful.


If you make an appointment you can nearly always count on Dr. Karim receiving you within 2 weeks.

The procedure can usually be performed within two weeks of the admission interview.

After surgery, you should relax for two weeks and wear compressive garments for at least six weeks.

Two weeks after the surgery you will come back for us to see your progress and remove the stitches.

Final checkup
You will come back for a final checkup three months after the operation.


Because you cannot drive home after an operation (no car or bicycle), it is important to make travel arrangements.

Do you use blood-thinning drugs? Please let us know if you do. Ask the doctor from whom you get the prescription and find out if you can temporarily stop treatment. Your doctor will tell you how many days before the operation you should or can stop taking the blood-thinning drug. Dr. Karim wants to ensure this is possible in order to avoid unnecessary risks.

Fever or flu the day before the operation? Contact Dr. Karim to decide if the operation can be performed or should be postponed.

Cosmetics and personal care products
We understand that you always want to look your best, but on the day of surgery you cannot use skin care products or makeup.

You may feel nervous about the operation, but you can’t drink alcohol the day before (or on the day itself, of course!)! Drinking alcohol increases the chances of subsequent bleeding of the wound.

Signing of the consent form
Before the surgery, you will sign the arm treatment plan.

Tijdens de ingreep

Prior signing of the consent form

Small, inconspicuous incisions are made

Application of liposuction with fluid anaesthesia

Suction of fat to be removed

Application of compressive garment

Operating time for one zone: one hour; for each additional zone: 45 minutes

Na de ingreep

Compressive garment(s)
You will wear a compressive garment for six weeks

For the first twelve hours after surgery, the wounds may suppurate some fluid.

The wounds can be wet in the shower 24 hours after the operation

The first few days, the operated area and its surroundings will feel sore. This lasts for a maximum of two weeks.

Resorbable stitches
After liposuction / liposculpture, you will get resorbable stitches.

Take at least two weeks off and avoid overexertion, such as bending over or lifting heavy objects.

Scar cream
Four weeks after the operation, you can start applying a few smears of scar cream.


Safe operation
An liposuction / liposculpture is a safe procedure.

Risks inherent to any operation
Subsequent bleeding, infection, fluid retention, thromboembolism, slow healing and/or unsightly scarring.

Risks inherent to any operation
Very rarely subsequent bleeding, infection, fluid retention and unsightly scarring.

Opening of the wound
The wound may open if the patches or stitches are removed prematurely. Do not touch the patches or stitches until the follow-up appointment.


A liposuction is a treatment with a lasting result; the final result can be assessed approximately one year after the intervention

As with any double-sided surgery, absolute symmetry cannot be guaranteed.

Passage of time
Because of your weight changes or pregnancy, your body may also change over time.

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