Vaginal narrowing

The vagina can be narrowed by bringing the muscles of the back of the vaginal opening closer together. This operation moves extra skin to the entrance of the vagina; which is removed. The operation takes approximately one hour. It is usually performed under general anaesthesia.

Genital surgery can be an important procedure. Feel free to contact us if you want to talk about it.


Make an appointment for a preliminary visit with Dr. Karim. During this visit we will discuss your wishes. When you make an appointment you can nearly always count on being received by Dr. Karim within 2 weeks. A medical assistant is always present during any genital visit or treatment.

Follow-up appointment
Dr. Karim will also consider the causes of your problem. If you wish, we can hold a follow-up meeting a few weeks after the first visit. Sometimes the problem turns out to be gynaecological or psychological. In that case, Dr. Karim would let you know.

The procedure can usually be performed within two weeks of the interview.

After the procedure, you should take a two-week break. Recovery from an operation is important, give yourself plenty of time and rest to recover!

You will be given an appointment for a checkup four weeks after the operation.


Because you cannot drive home after an operation (no car or bicycle), it is important to make travel arrangements.

Do you use blood-thinning drugs? Please let us know if you do. Ask the doctor from whom you get the prescription and find out if you can temporarily stop treatment. Your doctor will tell you how many days before the operation you should or can stop taking the blood-thinning drug. Dr. Karim wants to ensure this is possible in order to avoid unnecessary risks.

Fever or flu the day before the operation? Contact Dr. Karim to decide if the operation can be performed or should be postponed.

Cosmetics and personal care products
We understand that you always want to look your best, but on the day of surgery you cannot use skin care products or makeup.

You may feel nervous about the operation, but you can’t drink alcohol the day before (or on the day itself, of course!)! Drinking alcohol increases the chances of subsequent bleeding of the wound.

Tijdens de ingreep

Signing of the consent form


The pelvic floor muscles join together

Removal of excess skin


Operating time: about one hour

Na de ingreep

Return home
You can leave the same day.

Your vagina will feel sore for about two weeks.

With a vaginal reduction operation, you are usually given a laxative to keep stools softer and prevent them from applying pressure.
If you wish, you can take two 500 mg paracetamol tablets four times a day.

Temporary restrictions
For the first six weeks after the procedure, the following rules apply: no sexual contact, no tampons, no sports (including swimming), and no douching.


General risks
Every operation involves risks and there is a risk of complications.

Specific risks
A narrow vagina and, therefore, pain during sex.


Genital surgery is long-lasting and its final result can be assessed approximately one year after the operation.

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