Doctor Karim

Plastic, reconstructive and hand surgery

The 7 reasons to choose Dr. Karim as your plastic surgeon.

• Very high patient satisfaction
• Staff: choose Dr. Karim and you will get Dr. Karim
• Experienced: Has performed hundreds of operations
• Expert: promoted to VUmc
• Honest: says “no” if an operation is not sensible
Available in several locations in the Netherlands and Spain
• For years, the reliable source of serious media

Contact any of his consultation places, email us or use the attached contact form to request a free introductory visit.

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  • Plastic surgery:

    Plastic surgery is a broad discipline. Making people more beautiful (cosmetic surgery) is a major part of it. It includes a wide range of procedures, ranging from eyelid correction and breast enlargement to genital aesthetics. They are clearly listed together on the Treatments page.

  • Reconstructive surgery:

    Reconstructive surgery is essential, for example, after an accident or mastectomy. Dr. Karim does not shy away from complex or special interventions. For example, he has contributed for years to the recovery of women who have been circumcised. An overview of all possible reconstructions can be found on the Treatments page.

  • Hand surgery:

    What many people don’t know: the plastic surgeon has been the pioneer in hand surgery for years. Dr. Karim restores the hands and makes them more beautiful. See all possibilities on the Hand Surgery page.



  • Neck & Face Lift

    From around the age of thirty, our skin slowly begins to age. Skin aging is characterized by sagging skin (reduced elasticity), thin skin on the face and neck, and wrinkles. Bone and muscle mass will also decrease with age. The weakened tissue will gradually sag next to our chin (hamster cheeks). This sagging skin causes marionette lines, these are the lines that run from the corner of the mouth to the chin. The neck will also be subject to sagging and folding. This is a natural process but is often reinforced by external factors. A facelift is an operation in which the folds and wrinkles of the facial skin are tightened, usually together with the deeper tissue layers. If there is excessive fatty tissue under the chin or if the neck has thick skin folds, it may also be necessary to 'lift' these and/or perform liposuction. A facelift is performed by a plastic surgeon
  • Israit 2019

    Israit 2019 1st. Annual meeting. September 6-7. Leipzig
  • Israit 1st. Annual meeting. September 2019

    The aim of ISRAIT is to develop guidelines for the best and safest intimate treatments worldwide and to contribute to the training and promotion of high-quality education...
  • 2019 Zero Tolerance Day

    Doctor Refaat Karim is one of the few plastic surgeons in the Netherlands who carry out recovery operations in circumcised women. His motive: ‘A woman comes to me with a problem. I would like to help solve that problem as well as possible. As a doctor and as a human being, I recognize that great …


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